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Full Name: Dr. Yaser Khalifa
Affiliation: State University of New York, New Paltz
Contact :
Tel (845) 257 - 3764
Fax (845) 257 - 3730
Address Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Resnick Engineering Hall Room 202, State University of New York, 1 Hawk drive, New Paltz, NY 12561
Number of Publications:  7
Serial Number:  P1170708001
Title:  Multi-Objective Optimization Tool for a Free Structure Analog Circuits Design using Genetic Algorithms and Incorporating Parasitics
Serial Number:  P1140712001
Title:  Super-peer P2P Systems Utilizing Mediated Knowledge-based and User-defined Views
Serial Number:  P1110708004
Title:  Autonomous Intelligent Agent-Based Tracking Systems, Recent Developments
Serial Number:  P1120716001
Title:  Autonomous Music Composition Relying on Evolutionary Formal Grammar
Serial Number:  P1121546432
Title:  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Journal, Volume 7, Issue I, ICGST, Delaware, USA, June 2007
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