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Full Name: Prof. Dr. Reda El-Khoribi
Affiliation: Cairo University
Number of Publications:  7
Serial Number:  P1150834318
Title:  Support Vector Training of HMT Generative Models for Land Cover Image Classification
Serial Number:  P1150634001
Title:  HMT of the Ranklet Transform for Face Recognition and Verification
Co-Authors: Mahmod A. Ismail,
Serial Number:  P1160634001
Title:  Discrete Hidden Markov Tree Modelling of Ranklet Transform for Mass Classification in Mammograms
Co-Authors: Abdalla Mohamed ,
Serial Number:  P1120634001
Title:  An Intelligent System Based on Statistical Learning For Searching in Arabic Text
Serial Number:  P1120836330
Title:  Hidden Conditional Random Fields for ECG Classification
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